Nations Home Group knows that foreign buyers are currently attracted to US properties, a global trend where three in every thirty-three homes are sold in the U.S. to international buyers. As a Global Property Specialist and life-long world travelers, Cecilia Hayes of Nations Home Group is an expert in dealing with these international clients. Nations Home Group has broadly traveled and brings our own knowledge of the world to the table along with our real estate prowess. We are finely tuned to the market and prepared to bring you listing to the global market. We are able to market properties to over 60,000 international agents, translate properties in 19 different languages, and syndicate listings to over 80 top international websites throughout the world in the native language! Working with Nations Home Group means that we have cross-border connections. International buyers will be looking at your listing. We know what international buyers are looking for in U.S. properties, and have the skills and modern technologies and resources to communicate the value of our listings to international clients. In addition, our clients who are looking for international homes have the benefit of working with an agent who knows how to search for the most desirable locations and has a vast network to help with your worldwide property search, making it as easy for you as possible. Whether you are an international client looking to buy a home in the U.S. or a U.S. buyer looking for a property on the global market, Nations Home Group is the best choice for understanding your needs. We understand the unique contractual differences and currency calculations, and will help you through every step of the international real estate process, keeping you up to date on the restrictions and requirements and explaining the procedures to you. Our agents are proficient in navigating clients from contract to close on a global scale.