“You are too conscientious to sell real estate. You work harder just to help people than you do to focus on making a profit from real estate”

Why You Need a Nations Home Group Real Estate Agent to Buy A Home

While the internet has plenty of resources and how-to guides out there that may make you question your need for a real estate agent when you’re looking to buy a home, a Nations Home Group agent can provide certain resources that you won’t be able to acquire in any book or online search. Nations Home Group has a wealth of experience that will help to guide you into the best deal possible for your new home.

Our Local Expertise

Nations Home Group’s agents are your go-to source for first-hand knowledge of the real estate market. We can counsel you on a variety of topics, and know the markets in Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia intimately. We will advocate on your behalf, which will help you get an offer that’s favorable to you accepted.

We will help you to determine your buying power, help recommend vendors to you so that we know that you’re gathering quality information for your inspections and negotiations, and open doors – literally – for you to visit properties on the market that you’re interested in and tour properties with your own personal advocate for your interests and desires.

Seven Commitments Nations Home Group will make to you as your Buyer’s Agent

  1. To educate you about the market you are looking at buying a property in, and to provide you with our expertise and specialties with dedication and professionalism.
  2. To analyze your wants and needs for a property in order to streamline your home-buying process in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and West Virginia. We’ll have those wants and needs in mind as we advocate for your best interests.
  3. To guide you to homes that fit your criteria, and get you the best home for the best price in the fastest time.
  4. To use both our individual and industry resources and our networking skills and acumen to coordinate work with other needed professionals and vendors. You can trust that the services we recommend are people we know will provide quality service.
  5. To negotiate on your behalf – Nations Home Group is comprised of real estate agents committed to helping people with their real estate needs, and this is our sole focus and purpose. Our goal is your satisfaction with the home you purchase, and our experience at the negotiating table will serve your best interests.
  6. To verify all paperwork and deadlines. We will check and double-check the paperwork and deadlines to make sure that everything is on time and you can have ease of mind that we’re on top of your purchase.
  7. To solve any problem that may arise. We’re with you for every step of the process, and we’ll use our experience and negotiation skills to manage any of the complications that emerge.